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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

And the wait is over, Vivek Oberoi it is!!

The long wait finally came to an end for me when I shot the very humble actor, Vivek Oberoi at Filmcity in Mumbai on October 17, 2014. We shot for my client, Shera banyaan. To work with a star like him is such a blessing and a teaching at the same time. So genuine, approachable and down to earth, Vivek in his free time when not in a shot actually chatted all the people up at the set. By the end of the shoot he had gathered news of most of the staff present on the set, their families and everything else about them. An extremely patient celebrity for who a 12 hour long shoot was surely taxing but who choose not to let that be a hindrance to some quality work. 
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Since it was outdoors, beside a lake that we shot, there was no studio. I had put up a tent that I converted into a little studio. Mr. Oberoi was extremely appreciative of that gesture since we were aware that it is one of the hottest days Mumbai would be seeing. One more eminent face of the industry I tick off from the list of famous one's I want to shoot.
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Although that is not all...... Just when we were packing up, he also left me and my team excited for another coming up next project that he said he wishes for me to shoot him for. So watch out for some more tales of me with Vivek Oberoi soon.... On this note, signing off looking forward to doing another stint with the Saathiya heartthrob..
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