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Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Karishma Kapoor

There is a special kind of charisma that surrounds Karishma Kapoor. We have all gotten to see that in the bollywood movies. She is that someone who represents dignity and a myriad of style statement. She has been a model of action for many. Karishma just knows when to get all the nuances right and everytime when she is in the limelight she can grab others attention to their delight. How much ever highly we speak about her may seem less.
On the day of the shoot I went in the morning and carried the previous catalog we worked on for Hitansh itself and showed it to her personal hair and makeup team. They loved it. When Karishma came on set I showed her the same and she too liked it a lot. In fact, she even took that catalog from me and now I am left without a copy for myself.
Anyway, so since we had done a good job and received great response for our work, this time the challenge was to do something that supersedes the previously created mark. We started brainstorming 10 days prior to the shoot. The client, Mr. Manoj was after me to come up with something nice and was getting worried cause we were at a 2 day countdown without a clue of the final set for the shoot. Now the problem was that Karishma was the same, Luv Israni was the same, Hitansh was the same. The only thing that could have been played with was the d├ęcor.
So here came Megha, my sister with the idea of using a grandeur filled set of a European white wedding. We had real white flowers and it all looked extremely pretty. Since Megha has her wedding photography and cinematography company, with her help, instead of a set designer we had on board one of the top wedding decor companies to make our set. Lolo usually does only a 7-8 hour shoot but we shot for almost 10 hours this time. It’s a compliment and a source of encouragement when a star loves your work so much that they put behind the biggest factor in their life i.e. time.
Karishma Kapoor
It's amazing to capture sexiness and elegance of a star and I am glad that I got to do both. We experimented with some lengths while the shoot and different angles with Karishma in focus and that was made easy because she understands and gives importance to flexibility. There were a lot of happy moments and times when we exchanged a lot of smiles. I have had the pleasure to work with this pretty lady for two catalog shoots now. Each time it was a very delightful experience of its kind.  Signing off on this happy note; until next time that we shoot together again.
Luv Israni