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Thursday, 18 September 2014

When a day is Preity Sunny for a shoot..

So this one is about the shoot for Santoor me and my team did with the very cute and bubbly Preity Zinta and the very macho and strong Sunny Deol. It was a lively 3 day shoot at Whistling Woods.
A print shoot of a very different level. I wondered initially how it would be meeting them and then clicking them. Specially, when they are contrasting personality types on screen.
But Preity bowled me over by her dedication and gracious presence.
Luv Israni Photography

For a celebrity to actually extract time from a TVC shoot and come for a print ad shoot is indeed a big deal. I'd like to use this platform to thank her for being so sweet and adjusting.
A few instances that I recall from this amazing experience is that after the First day of shoot I got my staff to get a blow up of one of her shots that I took showing her dimple off to the best I have ever seen closely.
Luv Israni Photography
She loved it.. And I loved that..... To be appreciated for your work is something one’s ears are always yearning to hear. And when you get to hear it straight from the very pretty Preity, it is like cloud number 9 that you are on.
One of the most direct questions I've ever been asked has also been from Miss Zinta. Looking at my most recent hairdo, she asked, “Why the choti behind Luv, is it some sadhu trait?” To which I had no option but to reveal some truth that “Aagey baal thode kum hain, toh isiliye socha ki peeche thoda zyaaada baal uga lu.”
On the whole of very fun-filled 3 day shoot, It was a fab experience not only with Preity and Sunny but also Shakti Kapoor, Avtar Gill, Pappu Kanghi, Puneet Issar, Yash Tonk, Bobby Darling, Delnaaz Irani and her followers.
Luv Israni Photography

 I’m already counting down the days till my next opportunity to work with Preity and Sunny again. Until then, the wait is on.....