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Monday, 25 August 2014

A Camera gives birth to a Photographer

 Luv Israni

There are so many beautiful things in life that make you get out of the bed in the morning. You take a walk in the garden or a park and you can find so many things that can catch the interest. As a child I was always inquisitive about things and the happenings around me. With such great curiosity and passion that connected with this child in me - Photography found a place in my heart at a very young age, since then I have been wrapping my camera in a cloth just like a baby when it is not in use.  And use it like the strongest weapon when I put it to use. With every picture that I click I try to make it a masterpiece. Its important that every picture that is clicked tells a fascinating story. It became a way of expression and a way of life to me.
It all started when my Dad gave me a Camera as a gift. That was at an age when I was learning to fly. While I was a novice, I had my first encounter with the Camera. I didn’t know how to use it. On the first Day of holding the Camera in my hand, I confused myself with the technical aspects of inserting the card and other features of the camera, didn’t see it function the way I thought it would. In fact, I even thought that it was a faulty camera, having some serious technological defect in it. But what was really an eye-opener to me was knowing that I was at fault for not placing the card in the right manner. Man makes mistakes and mistakes make us perfect…we learn from our experiences in life, I learned by this incident that the card inside the Camera was incorrectly placed. This became a prophetic experience that aroused my interest in Photography. Making a big difference in my life. It triggered the essence of becoming a photographer. Today I have shot over N number of celebrities and can use all the latest technology. This journey has been fabulous and the experience so far has been reviving and the relationship with the Camera has also grown stronger with time.
Creativity comes from within and every successful photographer begins with being an amateur at first. Aping the influence of other photographers don’t really bring out this natural art in you.  You will meet people from time to time who may want to put you down - you just have to THANK them for that push. They might tell you that you are on your own and won’t make a difference with a camera. You might also think that there are million other people who can capture the same things – Just Grab the Camera and use it as a weapon of choice –then you Go Pro like One shot-one kill. Have a passion that can burn like battery acid, Let your work speak for itself. If you can bring the scene close to the eyes of the people and touch hearts your job is pretty much done.
I realized that Its often the small things in life that go on to make the big things. This became like a prophetic line to me. So I leave you all with that message and let me just re-iterate,
For those aspiring to make a living from photography, it's a sad fact that the boring shots and the little mistakes that one makes as they move to the process are going to make you money.