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Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Makeover

Nine years back photography for me started off with child portfolios. Slowly moving on to model portfolios both male and female. During the course of this journey from then to now, my relationship with my profession has matured.
Although model portfolio's haven't evolved as much. The set procedure still remains. A model comes from a small city with a dream to become an actor or actress. So we photographers offer a typical 5-6 looks package. Of which one would be say a glamour look, another would be a bubbly one, a third an office look and so on. So now I have made a few amends in work I do. 
I have my assistant photographers who handle these generic portfolios. Personally, I for myself have new concept. I do Model Makeovers.... Wherein I meet the model, understand their basic personality and over a month with my grooming team work out a transformation plan and by the end of the month I execute a difference. 

A difference totally unrelatable. A world of a difference I'd say. This fresh wave is working well for me and I am hoping to be able to make it the new trend of Fashion Photography.
 Fashion Photography