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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Going Live.. Finally!!

Over the last few years I have been doing a lot of thinking, thinking of a different sort. As a kid I would love to pen down my thoughts, but as I grew up and the responsibilities became endless, my thoughts would just come and go like flowing water. Life has indeed in the past 9 years been a whirlpool, revolving and rotating simultaneously. Churning every bit of it to make a living is worth a tale). From being a child actor and facing the camera for number of commercials to choosing to be Luv Israni, the fashion and advertising photographer has been a long journey.
So in the past couple of weeks, after much of a push from a close one, I felt it would be great if I could reach out to people and take them through my journey from here on. 
This is going to be challenging and time consuming but it is high time I did it, especially for my followers and more so for myself, to keep myself stimulated creatively. Also this can be a sneak peek for fans to get a glimpse of the lives of eminent people I shoot and work with. I am hoping to be able to make this like a journal wherein I have something different to write about my life through my work.
So here is my first of many blogs.
I am Luv Israni, a fashion and advertising photographer who loves to live life to the fullest. I have started to understand this phrase only very recently and am trying to live by it too. As a young boy, I never learnt photography professionally. Nor did I ever assist any photographer. It was my dad, Mr. Raaj Israni who showed me the way into this field. For me, my first job itself as a newbie was a paid one, since my mom, Anita Israni has been well acquainted with people in the industry. There was a time I would work 18 hours a day enjoying every bit of it. But today, with passing time and gaining some experience in this sphere I am learning to strike a balance between work, family and my social life. Sunday’s are now devoted to my family of dad, mom and my sister Megha. Saturday nights like any youngster I party till the wee hours of the next morning. The week is where I work hard so as to enjoy a fun filled thought free weekend.  
There are days when I get bogged down by the work pressure; there are days when I too have my low phases. And then there are days when I feel liberated by the simplest of things. But that’s what reminds me that I am human.
On this note, I wish to be able to share with you all a behind the scenes on my life. So here I go out on the floor hoping to make an interesting read for all my followers.
Signing off for now…… Cheers!!