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Monday, 23 June 2014

Glam Sham te Luv Israni

My first share with my followers. I thought it should be dhamaakedar. So planned to narrate one of my recent encounters. The Dil Toh Pagal hai ki jhalli, the Raja Hindustani ki bade baap ki pyaari beti, the very scintillating Karishma Kapoor.
It was a catalog shoot. Indeed I was very nervous because the lady has an aura that can make even the strongest of men fall weak in the knees. But to my utmost surprise it went off so smoothly. Im guessing my face spoke my hearts racing beats out to clearly and she effortlessly smiled me to calming down.
The shoot with the diva was surely a treat. It was an all day shoot for a Surat based garment company called Hitansh. Karishma has endorsed a number of Sari catalogues. So my team and me tried to add a little difference to it, a Music theme. We shot with a grey background which was eventually photo shopped to add the grandeur. We used a lot of musical instruments like a Harp, a Piano, a drums set, a violin and music notes on a stand. Playing with these came very naturally to her and it seemed like her touch brought all of them to life. We shot with 15 Hitansh sari’s in all, each one so unique. The collection itself spoke volumes, lending themselves into our Musical theme. The combination of different fabrics and unusual borders was very satisfying for my camera to capture. Overall it was an amazing experience.
Karishma Kapoor

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Karishma has a very strong personality and anything she wears she carries off so beautifully. I’d love to work with Karishma again in the future. I hope she is listening..
Thank you so much dearest Lolo for creating such a gorgeous memory and incredible experience for me and my career.... Three cheers to Karishma Kapoor.. hip hip .. hurray ...
hip hip .. hurray...
hip hip .. hurray...